27 Oct – International Parade of the Dead 2019

A Gift of Songs and Flowers of Mexico to the World
Date Start Finish Route Organizer
International Parade of the Dead 2019 27-oct 14:00 19:00 – 20:00 Zocalo – Polanco Fondo Mixto


“Mexico is a country with an unimaginable cultural wealth. Mexico has given the world: colors, flavors, music, songs, flowers and a great tradition of Day of the Dead.

This October 27 we want to invite the International Parade of the Dead to the world to celebrate life, to leave future generations a human race united by life and not separated by death.”

The parade starts in the Zócalo, then it goes through May 5 street, Juarez av., Paseo de la Reforma av. where it will become a march of people entering Polanco area where locals, restaurants and hotels will recieve the tourists with the best food, amenities and mexican hospitality.



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